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Grandstream DECT Handset
R1,149.99 ZAR

The DP722 is a DECT cordless IP phone with 20 hours of talk time and 250-hour standby time. It has a suite of robust features including support for up to 10 SIP accounts per handset, full HD audio, 1.8 inch color display, a 3.5mm headset jack, push-to-talk, a speakerphone and more.
* Requires Grandstream Base Station

Grandstream 2-Line Carrier Desk Phone​
R1,149.99 ZAR

The Grandstream GRP2612 is a professional carrier-grade phone. Simple to deploy as part of a fleet, the phone shares a unified firmware with all the other models in the GRP2600 series. It has enterprise-level security features, including secure boot, dual firmware images, and data storage encryption.

Flyingvoice FIP10 Desktop
R1,349.99 ZAR

FIP10 is an entry-level, cost-effective VoIP phone with enhanced voice quality. It supports 2 SIP accounts, 3-way conferencing, PoE(optional), and the RJ9 headset jack is compatible with all major headset brands today.